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Day Chapter Topics Hours
Day 1 Introduction To 3ds Max Uses In Various Engineering Sectors 1
Day 2 Four Ports And Configuration Animation Options – Time Line & Time Slider 1
Day 3 Application Of Objects Like Standard Primitive Modeling Of A Small Hut In A Garden 1
Day 4 Link, Unlink, Selection Tools, Operating Tools, Mirror & Snaps Software Interface 1
Day 5 Creating Wall By Using Box Parameters Crating Some Architectural Features Like Arc Entrances And 1
Day 6 Application Of Tools From Main Tool Bar Selection Sets , Align , Layers , Render ,Material Editor 1
Day 7 Create , Modify , Hierarchy , Object Categories Tools- Array , Mirror 1
Day 8 Extended Primitives Group Menu, P Q R Axis ,Co Ordinates , Family Parameters 1
Day 9 Modeling Of Interior Object Like Sofa , Tables , Beds ,Cupboards Creating A Bed And Sofa Set With Dining Tables And Chairs 1
Day 10 Bend , Taper , Twist , Shell , Slice , Wave , Noise , Etc Appling Parametric Modifiers With Shell Modifiers 1
Day 11 Creating Some Architecture Objects Like Sunshade , Block Front Projections Arcs By Using Parametric Modifiers 1
Day 12 Creating One Interior By Using Default Geometrical 3d Object Parameters Deforms Extended And Standard Primitives 1
Day 13 Creating One Interior By Using Default Geometrical 3d Object Paremetires Deforms Extended And Standard Primitives 1
Day 14 Spline And Default Shapes Brief Visualization On Arc , Rec , Ngon Circle , Ellipse , Helix , Text , Stares 1 1
Day 15 Sub – Parameters Of Line 1. Vertex 2. Segments 3. Spline Creating Some Shapes Like-(Star, Move Mark, Rotate Mark ) 1
Day 16 Creating 360” Circular 3d Objects By Lathe Command Creating Single & Multiple Boolean 1
Day 17 Creating Single & Multiple Loft Modeling Of A Architectural Pillar By Using Loft 1
Day 18 Attach & Cross Section Editing Line S By Expiring Vertex , Segments , Splines 1
Day 19 Vertex Parameters Fillet , Chamfer , Fuse , Weld , Connect , Insert , Etc 1
Day 20 Spline Parameters Trim, Extend, Out Line Etc 1
Day 21 Creating Subtraction & 3d Objects From 2d Line S & Shapes Apply Mirror Any Align Attach Commands On 2d Lines Changing And Converting To 3d 1
Day 22 Creating One Interior Of A Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinets Flooring And Shutters Relation With Auto Cad And Line Drawing 1
Day 23 Exporting 3d Max Files To Other Extension How To Draw Plan In Auto Cad For 3ds Max Reference 1
Day 24 Selection Of Doors Windows Ventilators Slabs Designing in 3ds Max Editable Patch And Editable Nurbs Patch Parameters And Modeling Tools 1
Day 25 Mesh Smooth And Interaction Creating A Flower And Lives By Using Editable Patch 1
Day 26 Editable Poly And Low Polygon Modify Convert 3d Objects To Editable Poly 1
Day 27 Subscripting With Modifiers Quick Slice Cut Bevel Inset Outline Extended Scaling Roaion Movement Of Scale Parameters And Modeling 1
Day 28 Introduction To Material Textures And Maps Concepts Of Texturing And Adding Material Introduction To Material Editor 1
Day 29 Color Concepts Texturing With Bitmap Files Application Of Materials On The Objects 1
Day 30 Apply Material On Surfaces Uvw Mapping Tiling 1
Day 31 Bitmap Material Creating Mirror And Glosyness Multi Material Editing Maps 1
Day 32 Creating Reflection On Objects Creating Tiling Ranginess On Objects 1
Day 33 Browsing jpeg Files As Materials Browsing jpeg Files As Materials 1
Day 34 Introduction To Lights Universal Concepts & 3ds Max Representation 1
Day 35 Main & Subordinate Lights Types Of Lights 1
Day 36 Creating Lights In View Ports Observing The Categories And Parameters Of Lights 1
Day 37 Light Parameters – Restricting Lights GeneralParameters(Conversion Of Lights) 1
Day 38 Shadow Parameters Atmospheric Effects 1
Day 39 Appling Lights In A Interior And Creating Shadows Creating Lights In Cones 1
Day 40 Application Of Lights In Interiors Creating And Appling Lights On Exteriors 1
Day 41 Appling Lights In Side Wall Corners Getting Preview 1
Day 42 Creating Previews With Lights Introduction To Camera 1
Day 43 Brief Discussion On Camera Concepts And Getting Previews Types Of Camera 1. Free Camera 2. Target Camera 1
Day 44 Getting Previews By Camera Creating Still Images From A Camera 1
Day 45 Animating Camera Path Camera By Motion Panel 1
Day 46 Animating The Position , Rotation , And Path Of Camera Appling Camera View Ports For Preview 1
Day 47 Appling Camera View Ports For Preview Getting Preview From A Camera In A Interior 1
Day 48 Concepts Of Walk Through Frame Rate And Time Configuration For Walk Through 1
Day 49 Rising and Droppings Camera on Stair Cases And Exterior Elevations Getting Views for Top, Left, Bottom, and Right Ports 1
Day 50 Preview The Walk Through Concepts Of Rendering 1
Day 51 Rendering from Different Views Environments and Back Grounds 1
Day 52 Creating Still Images (Jpeg, Bmp). Movies-(Avi, Mpeg) Producing Still Images And Movies In Frame Length 1
Day 53 Creating Walk Through Files In Avi Format Basics Of Animations 1
Day 54 Parametric Animations Morphings And Object Animations 1
Day 55 Animating Curtain And Wordrops In Interior Creating Water Bodies (Swimming Pool) 1
Day 56 Introduction To View Post Effects Video Post Application and Object Id 1
Day 57 Saving Video Post Effect In Various Formats Executing Sequencies 1
Day 58 Creating Contrast, Highlights, Glow On Objects Getting Render Still And Animated Movies From Video Post 1
Day 59 Estimating The Projects Site Improvement With Elevation 1
Day 60 Planning Of Interior Of Files Planning Of Exterior Files 1